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Bad Hair Day Resolution!


Bad Hair Day Resolution!

We have all experienced a bad hair day. A bad hair day can ruin any woman’s day. Your hair, as they say,  is your crowning glory. How your hair looks can make or break your day. Hair straighteners are every girl’s salvation, especially during bad hair days. Aside from getting rid of the frizz, it makes your hair look sleek and flawless.

Although hair straighteners can instantly make your hair beautiful, you must understand that frequent usage of this tool leads to damaged hair. If you must use hair straighteners, you have to be extra vigilant in keeping your hair healthy. Here are some tips you can follow to avoid hair damage and make the most out of your hair straightening routine.

1.       Choose Tourmaline or ceramic plates

Earthenware such as ceramic is gentler to the hair as it controls the temperature of the plates, avoiding too much heat, which can damage your precious locks. Tourmaline on the other hand, has special ionic feature that helps lock in moisture, keeping the hair shiny and smooth.

2.       Get in Control

Avoid using hair straightening devices that has only one heat setting. Different hair types and styles require different temperature settings. When choosing a straightening iron,  get one that has different heat controls or settings.

3.       Do the straightening only on dry hair

Hair is more fragile when it is wet. Never use straightening iron right after a shower. Dry your locks first before using a hair iron.  Always remember to never sacrifice your hair’s health for beauty.

4.       Condition, condition, condition

It’s a no brainer that hair straightening can really damage your hair. If you want to keep your mane healthy despite all the stylingArticle Submission, make sure to invest on conditioners and serums to give back your hair’s lost moisture.

Keep your hair healthy and beautiful by following these simple tips. Keep in mind that beautiful hair starts from within. Keep your hair healthy and you wouldn’t have to worry about bad hair days.

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